Bride and Haute Couture




Isabella Caposano

Milan Atelier

The Isabella Caposano Atelier in Milan welcomes all brides looking for a unique and tailored wedding dress , in an intimate and confidential atmosphere.

Come and make the wedding dress that's right for you, in the heart of Milan !


via Pavia, 8 - scale B - Navigli area
20136 Milan



Isabella Caposano’s extraordinary bridal gowns express unrivaled Italian creative artistry. 

Fine fabrics with precious embellishments, making our exclusive dresses provide a truly unique, unforgettable experience.

Haute Couture

Isabella Caposano Haute Couture entails absolute attention to every detail. Silk itself combines the flair and refinement, which characterizes our designs. 

As if in a dream, each project follows that golden thread which is able to combine innovation and expertise in perfect, harmonious creation.

The Atelier

"Every woman deserves to wear a dream."

A dress tells the story of a woman’s choice and passion, and of the love and care that goes into its conception. The exquisite moment of creation bears the fruit of a dream that will last forever.

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